Japanese denim is the pinnacle of premium denim. This is because of the dedication to tradition and emphasis on producing a high-quality product without compromise.

The history of indigo fabric in Japan dates back 1400 years, when aizome, translated as indigo dyeing, became a popular method of fabric dyeing. The deep blue color produced by this method became known as "Japan Blue." 

When Japan entered the denim market in the 1960's, they used a modern form of aizome that utilizes rope dyeing to produce a deep indigo denim that would fade perfectly. The process is an intricate art that begins with cotton yarns bundled into a rope and then dipped in a sequence of indigo baths. This is repeated several times to achieve the desired shade of indigo, but at the same time the yarn is not left in the indigo long enough to penetrate to the core so it remains white. The result is a denim that with consistent wear will gradually shed layers of indigo and reveal the white core yarn underneath.

We chose this denim for our first printing of jeans especially for this purpose: to create a garment with a personality that is unique to the wearer and showcases the artists' work engraved on them.


Jeans are an iconic staple of American culture and fashion. They were first introduced in Japan by US soldiers during the post-World War II period, sparking interest in jeans as a fashionable item and a demand for imported American jeans.

The convergence of these two cultures plays a key role in the creation of our jeans: we source denim from one of Japan's most historic denim mills and each pair is cut, sewn and laser-engraved in the USA. We're proud to work with fellow artisans stateside who share our appreciation for quality. 


Each pair is crafted from Japanese raw selvedge denim. Selvedge refers to the "self edge," which occurs when a small wooden shuttle containing the weft yarns weaves the fabric as it is shuttled back and forth along the loom, sealing the edge of the fabric on each pass. Selvedge denim is more durable because of this reinforced edge and has a hand-woven feel because it cannot be mass-produced.

Raw denim jeans have the ability to conform to you in a unique way and will wear according to your lifestyle. As you wear them, not only will they become more comfortable but each crease, faded spot and sign of general wear and tear will make them distinctively yours. 

Original artwork is laser-engraved and will have slight variations in coloration due to the nature of the dye process. Denim is dyed using the traditional rope dyeing method. Natural hige, the Japanese word for whiskers, will appear on areas of strain during wear, adding to the individual look of the artwork and the jeans themselves.

Each pair features original buttons with a mitsudomoe design, a Japanese symbol associated with the number 3 and the threefold division of the heavens, earth and the shadow world.


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